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Trekking and Tour for Fair Tourism
J P road
Thamel, Kathmandu


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Our ideas

During an Everest trek end of 2013, the 3 co-founders of the company met in Thamel and got the idea of founding the TTFT company based the fair trade rules. The decision to build this company came from the observation than most of existing companies are owned by business men who do not fairly redistribute the benefits to the people who are doing the hard work.

Even if trekkers have been provided a detailed quotation showing how much should earn the guide or the porter, in reality they will often get much more less than announced and they cannot complain because of the risk of loosing their job. In reallity, most of what you paid is going to business men who are investing for themselves in other activities to make more and more profits.

The main idea we had in mind was that everybody involved in a tourism activity we will provide must live correctly and not only survive as it is often the case nowadays.

As a result of our discussions the idea of creating TTFT was born then a lot of things had to be done to setup this new company.

We are sure that in the future more and more people will join this generous concept of doing things in a fair way instead of creating profits only for few and exploiting the others.